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Who Is Behind Think



colincooper-profileMy name is Colin Cooper and I have personally been working with small and medium businesses since 2001.  Over this time I have become increasingly frustrated with the simple mistakes that business owners make because of the lack of knowledge and support.

Well, the truth is, I’m not the norm. Usually, whatever direction others and the markets are going I’m one of the very few and very successful people who is going the other way. When someone is saying it’s impossible – I’m the guy looking for the solution to make it happen.

So what’s different about me, my philosophy and systems – I believe in everything!! As each of my clients varies so does what I build to achieve the results my clients are expecting when they decide to work with me.

I am the visionary force behind 1000’s of successful Australian and international businesses who have gone from startups to major success with proven battle tested strategies.

As a recognised business leader in the business development and success industry since 2001, I have dedicated my professional life to learning and being directly mentored by people like Darren Hardy, John C Maxwell, Jim Rohn, Jeff Walker to name a few.

Quick Business Scope:

  • Start-up Franchises
    • – I specialise in developing businesses to franchise locally and abroad, creating multi-national success stories.
  • Small & Medium Businesses
    • – I am known for turning businesses around using proven strategies that assure success.  I make sure no detail is left out from the onset to implementation, to follow up consultancy. Business owners are sometimes even unaware that this type of assistance is available to them.
  • International Ventures
    • – My experience includes conducting business in over 23 countries.
  • Multi-Industrial Companies
    • – I have helped develop successful businesses for clients in over 100 industries, from construction, to entertainment, from food service to productivity tools.

I deliver workshops, contribute to a range of business blogs and sites and undertakes keynote public speaking, as well as mentor many business owners.  My passion is to help business owners by compressing my knowledge and providing practical learning solutions in the form of Think Results.

For more information about me please look at http://www.colincooper.com.au


After working in the business world for over 20 years, I have seen many business owners make mistakes that have cost them their business, due to rash decisions, making impulsive changes without researching the outcome thoroughly, making rash decisions out of desperation, or by selling products and services for the wrong reasons.

After being personally mentored and noticing the massive difference this has made in my business life and the decisions and choices that I have made,  I wanted to be able to share this knowledge with others. Further adding to this is the wide range of reading I have undertaken that demonstrates that even the most determine people find the difference between success and failure is accountability, whether this is in sports, health or the business world. Think of the best in the business world.  They all have mentors.  This was part of the inspiration for Think Results.

My mission is to help business owners not make the same mistakes that may cost them their business, by helping provide education that is practical and can be implemented into any business.

With so many tools and techniques available it can be hard to work out which strategies will work best for your business.  By offering these online courses, I hope to be able to help you decide and implement which strategies will work within your business and industry.