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Specs and Guidelines – What to Put in Your “How to” Materials for Outsourcers

When you hire outsourcers to complete tasks for you, it’s not enough to simply tell them what you’d like them …Read More

Profile PhotoColin CooperMar 17,17

Managing a Team of Virtual Workers – Tips and Best Practices

Managing a virtual team is different from managing your own in-house staff. As you grow your virtual team, you’ll face …Read More

Profile PhotoColin CooperMar 10,17

How to Keep Outsourcing Costs Under Control

There are many reasons why companies outsource but the main one is to save money. Although you should pay outsourcers …Read More

Profile PhotoColin CooperMar 3,17

Automating vs. Outsourcing – Two Great Options to Save Your Business Time and Money

Small business owners often forget that they don’t have to do everything themselves. Especially today where much of what we …Read More

Profile PhotoColin CooperFeb 24,17

The Importance of Testimonials on Your Website

You often see testimonials on websites and they’re considered an essential element of website design. Your site needs them too. …Read More

Profile PhotoColin CooperFeb 17,17

A Workforce All Over the World – The Challenge of Time Zones

When you’re hiring outsourcers to help your business grow, it’s common to hire people from other parts of the world. …Read More

Profile PhotoColin CooperFeb 10,17