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How to Outline With Mind Maps – Great for Blogging or Article Writing

When you’re writing a blog post or article, you need an outline to work from. The traditional method is to …Read More

Profile PhotoColin Cooper23/12/2016

3 Ways to Overcome Mind Mapping Blocks

Mind mapping makes many tasks easier, but sometimes you may find yourself staring at a map unsure of where to …Read More

Profile PhotoColin Cooper16/12/2016

3 Misconceptions About Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a great way to organise ideas and manage information. It can help you in any area of …Read More

Profile PhotoColin Cooper09/12/2016

The Role of Confidence in Building Influence

Confidence is the solid foundation of all great leaders. They are absolutely confident in their beliefs, and their actions. When …Read More

Profile PhotoColin Cooper02/12/2016

How to Start a LinkedIn Group to Improve Your Sphere of Influence

You might be asking the question, “Why do I want to start a group on LinkedIn?” The answer is simple. …Read More

Profile PhotoColin Cooper25/11/2016

How to “Niche Down” in Your Market

“Niching down” makes becoming an industry influence much easier than focusing on a larger, general market. Think about it. Which …Read More

Profile PhotoColin Cooper18/11/2016