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Proven Business Systems for Attracting More Leads, Making More Sales and Increasing Profits! In a Slow Economy in 2016

What is this workshop/system?

It’s a 10-week advanced training system (with lifetime access) revealing proven battle tested strategies and daily productivity systems used by today’s elite entrepreneurs to achieve insane results all seamlessly and conveniently delivered directly to you

Why is this system so successful?

This program has been designed to deliver information in the three ways we take in and process information so listen to the audio, read the slides and fill in the worksheets provided with this course. These three key ways form 75% our learning circle and the other 25% is made up of us doing and acting on our newly acquired knowledge.

How does the system work?

Insane Results is a 10-week progressive training program. Each week a new module is released into your private membership site (you get lifetime* access).

One audio, video and worksheets plus business material each week for each module we will walk you through step by step the best ideas, strategies and methodologies discovered through 50 years of compressed business experience based on 100’s of industry’s and in 23 countries.

Here’s an overview of what’s included:


Module One – Foundation Building

Developing The Mindset To Achieve Massive Business Success

(30 Min. Video & MP3)

This module sets the groundwork for the new and improved mindset that the business owner must have in order to actually implement the marketing strategies in the remainder of the course.

          • The one single thing that will determine whether or not your business succeeds or fails in this new economy
          • How you can make more profit than you’ve ever made before even if you were to double your advertising budget!
          • The “real” secret to attracting more qualified leads and ready-to-buy prospects to your business
          • The sneaky power of using ads that don’t look even like ads, but get a better response than you’ve ever gotten before!
          • How to turn your business into a 24/7 autopilot lead generating machine

Additional Resources
Resource 1: Under The Microscope Worksheet
Resource 2: Blank 12 Month Marketing Calendar
Resource 3: Worksheet to Calculate Lifetime Value Of Customers
Resource 4: Sample Monthly Marketing Calendar
Resource 5: Books, Websites and Business Success Mindset Resources


Module Two – Attraction Marketing Strategy

Sales Messages That Magnetically Attract The Perfect Customers

(30 Min. Video & MP3)

This module is about creating powerful USP’s that attract the ideal prospect who is ready to make a decision to purchase.

          • The easiest and quickest way to motivate the right type of prospect’s to choose your business
          • How to create a persuasive and compelling marketing message to your target audience
          • How to make your business stand head and shoulders above your competitors
          • Proven formula’s you can use to make your product or service the clear and obvious choice to your ideal customer
          • The truth about the secret way to break through to skeptical prospects and have them flocking to your business to purchase from your business

Additional Resources
Resource 1: USP Idea Generator
Resource 2: Competitor USP Research Worksheet
Resource 3: Your Perfect Customer Profile
Resource 4: USP Samples
Resource 5: Copywriting Books, Copywriting Websites


Module Three – Lead Capture Campaign Strategy

How To Build Huge Lists Of Eager And Ready-To-Buy Leads

(30 Min. Video & MP3)

This module reveals how to collect valuable contact information from leads and prospects in order to follow up with them until they buy.

          • How to have leads and prospects clamouring to give you their contact information so you can sell them your product and services
          • The real secret to destroying the income roller coaster that most business owners face
          • How to easily build a list of prospects who are searching for the exact product and service you offer
          • One powerful strategy to increase your ROI for any advertising or promotional marketing piece
          • The top four ways to get your lead capture bait in front of leads who want what you’re selling

Additional Resources
Resource 1: Creating Your Lead Capture Bait & Opt-In Offer Worksheet
Resource 2: Lead Capture & Opt-In Offer Headline and Title Templates Worksheet
Resource 3: Basic, Daily, Monthly Lead Tracking Worksheet
Resource 4: Automated Follow Up Marketing Tools


Module Four – Constant Customer Contact Strategy

Generating Massive Profits From Follow-Up Marketing

(30 Min. Video & MP3)

This module covers all of the major ways to follow up with a lead or prospect until they buy. This is one of the main modules of the course because it covers how to turn leads into customers.

          • How to guarantee that your prospects and customers keep your business in the forefront of their minds
          • Six ways to get your marketing message in front of your target market without spending a fortune
          • How you can create a powerful million dollar marketing campaign for less than what you spend on a single newspaper advertisement
          • The key to putting your follow up marketing on autopilot so you can make more money and work less

Additional Resources
Resource 1: Your Current Sales Process/Follow Up Marketing Worksheet
Resource 2: Your Follow Up Marketing Campaign Worksheet
Resource 3: The Top Ten – FAQ & Customer Benefits for Each Product Or Service
Resource 4: Sample Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign
Resource 5: The Perfect Sales Process & Follow Up Marketing Worksheet
Resource 6: Multi-Channel Marketing Resources


Module Five – The Ultimate Sales Team

Building A Team Of Superstar Salespeople

(30 Min. Video & MP3)

This module teaches you how to train and retain great salespeople. It covers the basics as well as some ninja strategies for getting the most out of your employees.

          • How to quickly get your current staff and salespeople to close more customers
          • Why having tons of leads without the ability to turn them into profits is just as bad as having no leads at all
          • How to create scripts and effective processes that boost your closing rate
          • The mindset you “MUST” have in order to generate more profits from the massive amount of leads your business will attract
          • The ugly truth about hiring minimum wage employees to build your million dollar business

Additional Resources
Resource 1: Staff Evaluation Form
Resource 2: Daily Sales Tracking Worksheet
Resource 3: Monthly Sales Tracking Worksheet
Resource 4: Upsell, Downsell and Cross Sell Worksheet
Resource 5: Books, Training Programs & Websites To Help Train Salespeople


Module Six – Loyalty Program Marketing Strategy

How To Practically Guarantee That Your Customers Only Buy From You

(30 Min. Video & MP3)

This module covers one of the most powerful business building strategies – loyalty programs. This module presents a step-by-step blueprint to build a thriving loyalty program from the ground up.

          • The secret to having customers happily paying premium prices without haggling or shopping your product or services
          • How to flood your business with the easiest prospects in the world to close
          • Why your resistance to change may be costing you tens of thousands of dollars in sales and profits each month
          • How you can create a loyalty program that costs you less than a cup of coffee a day, but earns you thousands of dollars in return
          • 11 types of loyalty programs that you can set up in less than 30 days that will generate a horde of prospects to your business

Additional Resources
Resource 1: Loyalty Program Brainstorming Worksheet
Resource 2: Loyalty Programs Worksheet
Resource 3: Books, Vendors and Loyalty Program Websites


Module Seven – Customer Reactivation Strategy

Transforming Unresponsive Customers Into New Sales

(30 Min. Video & MP3)

This module covers the fastest way to get a instant boost in sales and profits by getting your past customers to come back and buy from you again. This module provides the exact blueprint to create a flood of ready-to-buy leads regardless of the economy.

          • The top six reasons why customers no longer do business with you and how you can turn that trend into sales and profits
          • How to calculate when your customers should be coming back to purchase from you again and exactly what type of ads you should run
          • Four steps to creating a highly effective marketing piece to send out to reconnect with your lost customers
          • How to put your entire customer reactivation marketing campaign on autopilot

Additional Resources
Resource 1: Customer Return Visit Estimator
Resource 2: Crafting Your Reactivation Offer Worksheet
Resource 3: Automated Mailing Programs


Module Eight – Referral Program Marketing Strategy

How To Turn Your Customers Into Raving Fans That Grow Your Sales

(30 Min. Video & MP3)

This module gives in-depth information and covers how to turn your customers into your sales team. There are several killer strategies that cover the ins and outs of starting a referral program and keeping your customers engaged.

          • The HUGE mistake 99% of your competitors are making and how you can profit from it
          • The six reasons why you are not receiving more referrals now and what you can do to increase the number of referrals your customers send you
          • The only way to create a referral marketing system that makes customers proud to refer their friends and family to you
          • How to reward customers and prospects for referring customers to you without spending a fortune
          • How to put your referral marketing campaign on autopilot

Additional Resources
Resource 1: Referral Reward Idea Generator
Resource 2: Referral Truth Serum Worksheet
Resource 3: Blank Automated Referral Marketing Process
Resource 4: Websites, Programs & Books About Referrals


Module Nine – Strategic Marketing Alliances Strategy

Explosive Profit Growth Through Marketing Partnerships

(30 Min. Video & MP3)

This module teaches about the power of partnering up with another business owner in order to give both businesses a tremendous amount of sales and leads.

          • The true power of the one marketing strategy that can transform a struggling no-name business into a household brand in days
          • How you can spend little to no money on advertising and generate more leads and prospects than companies that are dumping millions into advertising budgets
          • What you should look for in a strategic marketing partner that will practically guarantee your success
          • The three types of strategic marketing partnerships that you can get started and profiting from in less than 30 days

Additional Resources
Resource 1: Strategic Marketing Partner Research Worksheet
Resource 2: Strategic Marketing Partner Offer Worksheet
Resource 3: Strategic Marketing Partner Idea Worksheet
Resource 4: Books, Resources and Websites About Strategic Marketing Partnerships


Module Ten: Website & Internet Marketing Strategy

Using The Power Of The Internet To Double Your Sales

(30 Min. Video & MP3)

This module covers the most powerful online marketing formula that any business owner can implement in their internet marketing strategy. This module is key in harnessing the power of the internet to drive leads into your business.

          • How to dominate your competitors and own your target market using only the internet and free online tools
          • How you can build a super-profitable business using only local marketing strategies in your target market
          • The proven formula for online marketing success for your business
          • Five online marketing strategies that you must use in order to dominate your marketplace
          • How to build a landing page with an irresistible offer that your prospects simply can’t refuse

Additional Resources
Resource 1: Online Strategy Implementation Worksheet
Resource 2: Preferred Content Format For Your Ideal Customer Sheet
Resource 3: Resources to Create an Online Marketing Campaigns That Converts Leads Into Customers

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