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Who Are These Courses For?

These courses are designed for business owners and entrepreneurs, whether you about to start up your business, have just started your business or have been in the game for a while but would like some advice, support and practical ideas you can implement to see instant changes.  These are not long theory-related courses but short courses design for practical learning with practical solutions.  Although they are presented in course form we like to think of them as more of an online mentoring.  This is information that a mentor would provide and share with you if they were sitting in front of you.  It is not a mentor’s job to give you answers – it is a mentor’s job to ask you questions so you can find the answers. This is what these courses do!


What Can I Expect To Get By Doing These Courses?

We at Think like to think of these as more than online courses.  We like to think this is more like mentoring for your business.  Some of the courses will have information that you already know but may not be using and some of it will be completely new to you.  These strategies are already being used by successful companies worldwide, on a day to day basis.  That is why we guarantee that if you implement all of this course material, the information provided and follow the practical course assignments by applying them into your business then in 12 months’ time you will have doubled your sales or we will refund your money in full or personally mentor you until this is achieved.

With the course material being updated and added to on a regular basis, both weekly and monthly, there will always be courses that will continue to build strategies and provide information that you can use to succeed in your business.


Why Are The Courses In Categories?

We have broken these courses up into categories that would represent different stages of business growth:

Start Up – for those of you just starting out in business

Improve – to provide you more knowledge and ideas that you can implement into your existing business

Expand – when you have decided it is time to grow the business

Communication – social media advice for businesses

Although the courses are in categories they can be used by anyone at any stage of their business development.  Even if you have been in business for years you should never stand still.  Learning and improving is a constant requirement.


How Much Does It Cost?

We have 2 options – weekly ongoing membership or one off course fees.  Each course varies in price so will need to look at the course you are interested in to find out the price.

Weekly memberships are $25 per week and the first week only costs $1.  What do you have to lose?


Why Is There a Weekly Fee? Why Wouldn’t I Just Pay For a One-Off Course?

Although there is an option to pay for one-off courses we at Think have designed these courses as an ongoing learning program for you to keep learning and implementing into your business.  Learning should never stop, especially in a changing environment like business.


How Do I Pay?

Select the Membership page and click on BUY NOW.  If you have a discount code enter this here.  You can pay by Debit/Credit card or use your PayPal account.  You will need to register with us before making a payment.

If you just want to do one course, for now, select the one off payment fee and this will take you to the Check Out.  You can pay by Debit/Credit card or use your PayPal account.  You will need to register with us before making a payment.


Is There a Refund?

Of course.  If you do not feel these courses are for you or are not helping you in your business, today, then we will refund your money no questions asked.


How Can I Cancel My Membership?

You can cancel at any time.  If at any time you feel that you have received the most from the knowledge that we are sharing then all you need to do is send an email to info@thinkresults.com.au and we will cancel your Paypal or credit card payments immediately.  You can also call on 1300 231 114.


Now That I Am Registered What Next?

Now that you are registered – get started.  Look for a course that you feel will most benefit you, to begin with.  Remember there is no rush as you have access to them all now.  Once you have decided, select START COURSE and off you go.


How Do I Select My Next Course?

Once you have completed the course and submitted your last assignment, once this has been marked and returned to you, you can then select your next course.


How Many Courses Can I Take?

As many as you like when you are on a weekly membership.  All of them we hope.  As soon as you have finished the modules and assignments for one course then you are free to choose the next course.


How Long Do The Modules Take?

Each module is reasonably short and will not take long to listen too.  The modules are drip feed as you are required to do the assignments before starting the next module and you can only do one module every 24 hours.  The assignments are what will take the most time and will completely depend on how deeply you want to explore your options.  We recommend that to get the most out of each course and module, you really think about the questions being asked and how you would see them working in your business.


How Long Does Each Course Take?

As long as you like.  But as soon as you are through all the modules for that course and the assignment has been marked and returned you are free to start your next course.


Why Are The Modules Drip Feed?

If you just read and listen to the material presented, then you will not get as much out of these courses.  We want you to take the time to really think about what has been presented and look at how this could work in your business, therefore by allowing time before the next module starts you will have the time to do this.


Why Are There Assignments?

We have created assignments for you to complete after each module, as we want to make sure that you understand the course material AND start implementing what you have learned into your business.  These assignments will be unique to you and your business.  They also form part of the learning circle. As mentors, we will be making sure that all assignment material submitted is following the course module information and then tailored to your own business requirements.  We will provide feedback when required, that you can start implementing into your business straight away.

You cannot move onto the next module until you have completed the assignment and sent it in for assessment.


What Is The Workbook For?

The workbook is to help you to complete your assignments.  There is a workbook for each course.  This includes any templates required for you to complete. It is a working document so you can either update the workbook, save and send back or print off, complete the module and scan and send back at the end of each module.


What Do I Get When I Complete a Course?

All courses come with a Certificate Of Completion.  This will be emailed to you once your last assignment has been submitted and marked.


What Support Will I Receive?

We are here for you to help you with any questions you have.  You can send us messages through the Dashboard or email directly to info@thinkresults.com.au.  Or else there is Live Chat.  No question is too big or too small.


What If I Have Questions?

Contact us directly through the Dashboard or email directly on info@thinkresults.com.au.  Also, we can be contacted through Live Chat.


How Often At the Webinars and How Do I Join?

We will be holding webinars once a month on a variety of subjects, to once again help you in your business.  We will send you an email to register and let you know the time and date.  Then just make yourself available at that time and listen in.  Remember to prepare some questions to ask!  If you have any questions you would like answered, please send them to webinarquestions@thinkresults.com.au.


What is Mentor In Your Pocket and How Do I Join?

As a valued member of Think Results, we would like to offer you Mentor In Your Pocket.  Daily (5 days per week) you will receive audios that will take less than 5 minutes to listen to but get the creative juices flowing to help you implement something new into your business straight away.

Imagine that if you made a small positive change daily for the next 365 days, how much different your life, health, wealth and business would look like.

Please register at www.mentorinyourpocket.com.au


What is Effectus and How Do I Join?

This is a community created to help people not just in business but in life.  The most successful people we have worked with and mentored over the years have Most Valuable Priority s (MVP’s) in 4 key areas:

  • Health– No point in being the richest person in the graveyard
  • Family– Whatever family looks for you, it’s important to have balance
  • Business– Running a successful business can take more than doing 14 hours a day – it’s about working smarter
  • Wealth – This comes in many areas, not just money, it comes in the form of knowledge

Imagine a community of people, where you can pick someone to become your Peak Performance Partner (PPP) that checks in on you to make sure you are on track to achieve your MVP’s and you do the same for them.  Someone who helps you to be accountable to yourself and vice versa.  Best of all it’s 100 % FREE of charge.

This site is currently under development but will be available soon.